Pi Beta Phi
At the College of William & Mary
About Our Chapter


       Whether you are a campus community member, prospective sorority woman, friend or family member of a sister, or none of the above, welcome to our website and a sincere thank you for taking time to learn more about our organization! We are a group of intellectual, passionate women who believe in empowering and supporting other strong women. Here, I want to share a few of the most important things about our fraternity for women. We were founded by twelve brave, courageous women pursuing an education at a time when academia tended to exclude women, and we tend to operate in “12s” to honor our founders. Here are 12 of the most important things about Pi Beta Phi at William & Mary:

      1. Our core values are Integrity, Lifelong Commitment, Honesty and Respect, Philanthropic Service to Others, Sincere Friendship, and Personal and Intellectual Growth. We strive to live out these values in our everyday words, thoughts and actions.

      2. There are 110 of us!

      3. Pi Beta Phi was the very first fraternity for woman, founded on April 28th, 1867 at Monmouth College in Illinois. Pi Phi was founded as a support system for these women in academia to empower and lift each other. We celebrated our 150th birthday in 2018!

      4. Our colors are wine and silver blue, and our symbol is the arrow.

      5. Pi Phis are found all over the W&M campus! Twelve places you can find us (and that we’re passionate about) are The Haven, The Arc of Greater Williamsburg, Campus Kitchens, freshman orientation, Panhellenic Council, Women in Business, varsity sports, A Capella groups, Students for University Advancement, Phonathon, HOPE, and Undergraduate Student Conduct Council.

      6. We’re sometimes called a “social organization,” but academics are our first priority! In 2019 we earned the second highest GPA for both fraternities and sororites on the William & Mary Campus. Our GPA is higher than the average for women at the College, and we know that this is because Pi Phi offers a supportive environment where our women can succeed academically.

      7. We are so proud of our alumni! Dr. Ellen Stofan, former Chief Scientist at NASA and incoming director of the DC Air and Space Museum, and Mrs. Hunter Smith, incredible philanthropist and donor to the College, were both honored at William & Mary’s Charter Day in the 2018 fall. Melinda Hancock is the current CFO of VCU’s Health System. We’re everywhere!

      8. Almost every member of our chapter would tell you that they never imagined they would have joined a sorority in college, until they got to William & Mary and experienced the Greek Life community and Pi Beta Phi. I know this because I am one of these women! The community we foster at William & Mary is incredible, and unlike the Greek communities I’ve experienced anywhere else. From values based recruitment to the prioritization of academic and philanthropic pursuits, being a sorority woman at William & Mary is something we are proud of.

      9. Pi Phis are known for taking initiative and igniting social change on our campus, and we are incredibly proud of this. We have been one of the first sororities on campus to release statements regarding the inclusion of all female-identifying individuals, the promotion of Greek diversity, and calling attention to a few antiquated traditions our community needed to update.

      10. We know what stereotypes exist about “sorority girls,” and we’re here to tell you that there is no mold of a sorority woman or a Pi Phi on our campus. This is the most unique group of women I’ve ever met.

      11. We are goofy! It’s not serious all the time with Pi Phi – we know how to balance academics and sisterhood, and we prioritize spending quality time with our friends.

      12. Our chapter house is a space where we feel we can be our genuine, relaxed selves and spend time together. Whether you’re a member of our organization or not, please feel free to stop by the Pi Phi house anytime you’re on campus!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know Pi Beta Phi. If you have any questions or want to learn more, always feel free to contact me!

Sincerely and In Pi Phi,​​​​​​​

Chapter President Nicole Baker, on behalf of the Women of the Virginia Gamma Chapter of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women